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More Than 26 Million American Workers Filed for Unemployment Since COVID-19 Shut The Economy Down according to the Department of Labor. (USA Today, April 25)

The coronavirus pandemic caught the vast majority of Americans off-guard. Individuals and businesses alike have been impacted in some way. There were certain things we could have done financially to plan for the unexpected, but no one could have fully prepared for this unprecedented crisis that has a global impact. Even if your only concern is social distancing; we all are experiencing a new normal.

“In times of need, we see communities come together to do extraordinary things. This pandemic is no different.” Kathleen McLaughlin, executive vice president and chief sustainability officer for Walmart and president of the Walmart Foundation

One out of every four American adults say someone in their household has lost a job to the coronavirus pandemic, but the vast majority expect those former jobs will return once the crisis passes. That’s according to a new poll from the AP according to USA Today. (April 25)

While Americans that were laid-off are waiting to re-enter the workforce, they could benefit from mental health and career support to learn how to cope with the grief of job loss, loss of control, uncertainty about the future, and adapting to a new normal while managing everyday life stressors.

Your sponsorship will provide Americans that were laid off:
  • 6-Months of Virtual Outplacement Mental Wellness Services (Outplacement + EAP) Coaching Support
  • Initial COVID-19 Thrive Assessment + 2 Individual Virtual Mental Wellness & Career Coaching Sessions with a Licensed Therapist via a HIPAA Compliant platform
  • 3 Career and Professional Development Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • Referrals for additional services related to financial issues, legal issues, child and elder care, family problems, alcohol and substance use, etc.
  • Three and Six-month Individualized Thrive Plan Check-In
  • 6-Months of Unlimited Text Support
  • Individualized COVID-19 Thrive Plan
  • Solution-focused strategies