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About TherapyTopia

Workplace Mental Wellness Solutions

TherapyTopia is a social enterprise that offers Workplace Mental Wellness Solutions. TherapyTopia helps Executives lead with empathy to improve your employees’ productivity, so you are not losing money as a result of your employees’ feeling voiceless and undervalued.

In this climate, we are hosting town halls and forums to create a safe space for open dialogue on behalf of corporations to gather feedback on the needs of your employees. Fifty-percent of the proceeds from the town halls and forums will be donated to our COVID-19 Thrive campaign to provide free mental wellness and career transition services to Americans that were laid-off re-enter the workforce.

Your employees’ discontentment with not being heard, acknowledged, nor valued has a direct correlation to their ability to be productive at work. Our creative approach to solving problems and innovativeness is the value we will add to your company.

TherapyTopia is comprised of a diverse group of Licensed Therapists and Career Transition providers at TherapyTopia to help your company’s employees improve productivity by offering the following workplace mental wellness solutions; Diversity & Inclusion: Lead With Empathy for Executives training, Resiliency Training for Executives, Confidential Town Halls & Forums for data collection, and Outplacement Mental Wellness Services.

What We Do: We help Executives lead with empathy to improve your employees’ productivity.

Who We Work With: We partner with C-level Executives whose titles include:

– Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
– Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
– Chief Operations Officer (COO)
– Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
– President
– Director of Human Resources
– Director of Benefits & Compensation

Why It Works: When you partner with TherapyTopia, you get the most highly skilled behavioral health therapists that are empathic and solution-focused to support your Executives.

What Makes Us Different: We customize our workplace mental wellness solutions to meet the specific needs of your Executives to provide relevant programming and initiatives for your employees.

How We Support Your Organizations’ Mental Wellness Initiatives: Our Diversity & Inclusion: Leading With Empathy for Executives training, Resiliency Training for Executives, and Outplacement Mental Wellness Services are customized to your company’s values, strategic plan, gaps, and employer brand.

What Are We Doing Amid COVID-19 as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility: We are partnering with companies and philanthropists to provide free virtual mental wellness and career transition services (Outplacement Mental Wellness Services which combines Outplacement and EAP) to Americans in a time when they need it most through its COVID-19 Thrive Campaign.

TherapyTopia’s Values align with Be human. Get help. Live well: (1) We genuinely care about you, we validate your feelings and treat you with dignity. (2) We have a listening ear when you need to talk to someone in confidence. (3) We help you gain clarity with each therapeutic experience. (4) We work collaboratively with you to problem-solve and find solutions.

Partner with a company that is doing right by humanity!

Be human. Get help. Live well.